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Trigger points are tender areas within muscle tissue. They can refer pain to other parts of the body and create sensations such as numbness, pins & needles, aches & pains. Trigger point therapy is a technique that involves locating trigger points and deactivating them to reduce pain and discomfort.

More about Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy for arm and shoulder pain

Trigger Point

An advanced technique which uses precisely applied pressures to relieve pain and dysfunction

Fascia is the thin tough connective tissue that wraps around all muscles, bones and cells in the body. It’s ability to move freely may become restricted due to disease, injury or infection, causing pain, tension and imbalance. Myofascial Release aims to loosen the fascia so it moves freely again.

More about Myofascial Release

Massage therapist using a myofascial release technique


Gentle sustained stretching pressures are used to eliminate pain and restore motion

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Man with sore shoulders and neck

This treatment is used to treat aches and pains, injuries and general muscular problems. It focuses on the area that needs work, not the whole body. Advanced massage and other bodywork techniques are used to achieve a positive outcome such as relieving pain, and increasing range of motion.

More about Advanced Clinical Massage

Advanced Clinical

For aches and pains, injuries,
muscular problems and helping
to speed healing

This is a luxurious 2-hour full-body massage given with the intention of calming, de-stressing and nurturing the body, mind and emotions. People often fall asleep during this treatment, as it is very relaxing, reduces tension and provides a space to enjoy the moment. Can combine with Aromatherapy.

More about Luxurious Relaxation Massage

Lady receiving a relaxing head massage

Luxurious Relaxation

This treatment is all about calming nerves, soothing muscles and creating tranquility

An effective and beneficial form of massage for sports people. The objectives are to enhance performance, prevent injury and aid recovery by relieving muscle tension and tightness, stretching soft tissues, loosening adhesions, improving circulation and increasing flexibility.

More about Sports Massage

Sports massage to lower legs and calves


To help prevent injuries, prepare for athletic activities and to assist with recovery

This massage is energising and therapeutic, while also promoting a feeling of wellbeing and a focused frame of mind. Perfect for when you are pressed for time as the routine takes 20 minutes but can be extended to 30 minutes if desired.

More About Seated Acupressure Massage

Seated Acupressure

For the neck, shoulders, back and arms. Helps reduce stiffness and improve flexibility

This massage is both corrective and therapeutic as it uses strong pressure to work on deep muscle layers, breaking down adhesions and scar tissue to relieve pain, restore normal movement and release tension. It can also be used as part of a sports massage to enhance performance.

More about Deep Tissue Massage

Man receiving deep tissue shoulder massage

Deep Tissue


Firm pressures to reduce deep-seated pain and tension and increase range of movement

This massage combines therapeutic massage and your choice from a range of pre-blended aromatherapy oils, each of which has been expertly blended to deliver a different effect. Depending on the  oil chosen, the treatment can be relaxing, uplifting, warming, balancing or de-toxing.

More about Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy oil and candles


Creates a sense of wellbeing, both physically and emotionally, to balance the mind and body

A traditional Swedish massage can be gentle and relaxing or vigorous and bracing depending on your wishes. As well as feeling wonderful, some of its many benefits include increasing oxygen in the blood, improving circulation and reducing stress. Can be combined with Aromatherapy.

More about Swedish Massage

Client receiving Swedish massage treatment



The most commonly used massage with techniques
varying from light to vigorous

A nurturing, soothing treatment that can be of enormous benefit during pregnancy. Helps to alleviate aches, pains and other common pregnancy-related conditions, and provides support, rest and relaxation. (Note: GP or midwife’s signed consent is required in advance of treatment).

More about Pregnancy Massage

Lady receiving a pregnancy massage

Pregnancy Massage

Promotes relaxation, soothes nerves and relieves sore back, shoulder and hip pains

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